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Fireye Burner Management

Fireye has designed a very simple and effective way to control the startup sequence of a boiler. Various safety's are wired into the Fireye creating a "safety loop". If any switch in the safety loop is tripped, the Fireye will shut the fuel to the burner off immediately and continue with a post purge shutdown cycle. In the event of a safety shutdown, the Fireye display will display "lockout". The operator will then have to acknowledge the lockout and reset the Fireye in order to start the boiler. The Fireye also includes an extended purge time that is adjustable. The display module can be mounted directly on the E110 chassis or it can be mounted in a remote location using the remote mounting kit. Another feauture that is offered is the E300 expansion module. When a safety shutdown occurs, the E300 will display which safety device within the safety loop caused the lockout.

The complete Fireye Burner Management System consists of six components:
  • E110 Chassis
  • ED510 Display Module
  • EP Programmer Module
  • Flame Amplifier Module
  • IR or UV Scanner (depending on application)
  • Wiring Base
Other Fireye components include:
  • E300 Expansion Module (annunciator)
  • Remote Mounting Kit for ED510 display

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