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This control upgrade consisted of replacing three Rosemount strip chart recorders, one Westinghouse 1500 4 loop controller, and one Westinghouse oxygen analyzer. Three Chessel 392 recorders were installed for recording temperatures, flows, pressures, and 02 levels. Five Eurotherm/Foxboro T640's were installed to control:
  • Boiler Master/Header Pressure
  • Stokers
  • Forced Draft Dampers
  • Boiler Outlet Dampers
  • O2 Trim
  • Drum Level

(Chain Grate Coal Boiler: B&W rated at 50,000 PPH)

(front panel view)

(rear panel view)

(rear panel view)

A terminal strip and a 24VDC power supply were installed on the upper right side of the panel. All of the field devices were wired to the terminal strip seperately making it much easier for electricians to troubleshoot. As you can tell, the panel is cleaner and more organized.

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